Man pages for euctrl-pru/pruatlas
The Atlas and Utilities for PRU Maps

base_mapProvide base country layer for PRU maps.
country_firReturn the country FIR for a EUROCONTROL's Member State.
ctrys50mWorld countries at 50m scale.
extent_firReturn the extent of a set of FIRs.
firs_nm_406NM FIRs for AIRCA 406.
plot_country_firPlot country and relevant FIR.
pruatlaspruatlas: A package for PRU maps generation.
pru_coloursDefault colours for PRU maps.
pru_laea_projLambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection for PRU maps.
sphereReturn the polygon represent the spherical Earth.
sphere_laeaA special object to represent the spherical Earth in a given...
theme_mapPRU theme for maps.
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