Man pages for evan-l-munson/SAoTD
Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

BigramTwitter Bi-Grams
bigram_networkTwitter Bi-Gram Network
merge_termsMerge Terms
number_topicsNumber Topics
posneg_wordsTwitter Positive and Negative Words
raw_tweetsTwitter Data Set
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
SAoTDSentiment Analysis of Twitter Data
TrigramTwitter Tri-Grams
tweet_acquireAcquire Twitter Tweets
tweet_boxTwitter Data Box Plot
tweet_corpus_distributionTwitter Corpus Distribution
tweet_distributionTwitter Hashtag or Topic Distribution
tweet_max_scoresTwitter Data Maximum Scores
tweet_min_scoresTwitter Data Minimum Scores
tweet_scoresScore Tidy Twitter Data
tweet_tidyTidy Twitter Data
tweet_timeTwitter Data Timeseries Plot.
tweet_topicsTweet Topics
tweet_violinTwitter Data Violin Plot
tweet_worldmapTwitter Data Worldmap Plot.
UnigramTwitter Uni-Grams
word_corrTwitter Word Correlations
word_corr_networkTwitter Word Correlations Plot
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