Man pages for evan-l-munson/SAoTD
Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

AcquireAcquire Twitter Tweets
BigramTwitter Bi-Grams
Bigram.NetworkTwitter Bi-Gram Network
BoxPlotTwitter Data Box Plot
Corpus.DistributionTwitter Corpus Distribution
DistributionTwitter Hashtag or Topic Distribution
Max.ScoresTwitter Data Maximum Scores
Merge.TermsMerge Terms
Min.ScoresTwitter Data Minimum Scores
Number.TopicsNumber Topics
PosNeg.WordsTwitter Positive and Negative Words
raw_tweetsTwitter Data Set
rcpp_hello_worldSimple function using Rcpp
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
SAoTDSentiment Analysis of Twitter Data
ScoresScore Tidy Twitter Data
TidyTidy Twitter Data
TimeScaleTwitter Data Timeseries Plot.
TrigramTwitter Tri-Grams
Tweet.TopicsTweet Topics
UnigramTwitter Uni-Grams
ViolinPlotTwitter Data Violin Plot
Word.CorrTwitter Word Correlations
Word.Corr.PlotTwitter Word Correlations Plot
WorldMapTwitter Data Worldmap Plot.
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