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Tools for Working with Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Data in R

fpl_get_bootstrapGet all bootstrap-static data
fpl_get_fixturesGet data on fixtures
fpl_get_fixtures_gameweekGet detailed data on a gameweek's fixtures
fpl_get_gameweek_currentGet data on current gameweek
fpl_get_gameweek_nextGet data on next gameweek
fpl_get_gameweeksGet data on gameweeks
fpl_get_leagues_classicGet data on a classic league
fpl_get_leagues_h2hGet data on a head-to-head league
fpl_get_phasesGet data on phases
fpl_get_player_allGet data on all players
fpl_get_player_currentGet current season data on a player
fpl_get_player_detailedGet comprehensive data on a player
fpl_get_player_historicGet historic season data on a player
fpl_get_playersGet data on all players
fpl_get_player_typesGet metadata on player types
fpl_get_stats_lookupGet statistics variables' label/name values
fpl_get_teamsGet data on teams
fpl_get_userGet data on a user
fpl_get_user_chipsGet chips data on a user
fpl_get_user_currentGet current season data on a user
fpl_get_user_historyGet history data on a user
fpl_get_user_leaguesGet league data on a user
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