Man pages for ezwelty/dpkg
Data Packages for R

as_markdownGenerate markdown representation of a list
coalesceReturn first non-null argument
compress_fileCompress file
constraintsCreate field constraints
contributorCreate contributor
decompress_fileDecompress file
deparse_fieldDeparse field
deparse_fieldsDeparse list of fields
dpkgdpkg: Data Packages for R
fieldCreate field metadata
foreignKeyCreate foreign key
get_called_argsList arguments in call to parent function
get_fieldGet field metadata
get_field_format_defaultGet default format by field type
get_field_typeGet field type from object class
get_packageGet package metadata
get_resourceGet resource metadata
github_raw_urlConvert GitHub repository address to raw url
is_compressedTest if path is for a compressed file
is_emptyCheck whether an object is empty or contains NA or ""
is_list_not_dfCheck whether an object is a list (but not a data.frame)
is_urlCheck whether string is a URL
licenseCreate license
modify_attrModify object list attribute TODO: Set attribute by...
modify_listModify elements of a list TODO: Modify nameless by position...
packageCreate package metadata
parse_fieldParse field
parse_fieldsParse list of fields
parse_resourceParse resource
parse_resource_dataParse resource data
parse_resource_formatParse resource format
read_csvRead CSV
read_dataRead package data
read_jsonRead JSON
read_metaRead package metadata
read_packageRead data package
resourceCreate resource metadata
schemaCreate table schema
set_by_nameSet object metadata by name
set_fieldSet field metadata
set_fieldsSet field metadata by name
set_packageSet package metadata
set_resourceSet resource metadata
set_resourcesSet resource metadata by name
sourceCreate source
unsetUnset object metadata
write_csvWrite CSV
write_dataWrite package data
write_jsonWrite JSON
write_metaWrite package metadata
write_packageWrite package
write_resourceWrite resource data
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