Man pages for f-santi/plot3logit
Ternary Plots for Trinomial Regression Models

confregionIt computes the confidence region in the ternary space
convex_combComputes convex combinations of two vectors
cross_1yearMaster's students' employment condition
DeltaB2pcIdentification of equispaced central points
DeltaB2vrolesIdentification of roles of vertices in non-degenerate cases
effectDraw a change in the probability distribution on an existing...
field3logitComputation of the vector field
gen_pathGenerates a curve of the field
get_vdeltaIt computes the vector of covariate change
gg3logitCreate a new gg3logit
multifield3logitMultiple trilogit fields
P2XBCompute the linear predictors implied by trinomial...
pc2p0Computation of starting points of curves of the field
plot3logit-packageTernary Plots for Trinomial Regression Models
read_modelBuilds up matrix of coefficients from fitted models
simplify_field3logit'field3logit' simplification function and test
stat_3logitAdd a field to a 'gg3logit' plot
TernaryFieldDraw a field on an existing ternary plot
v2vedgeComputes the coordinates of a vertex on the edge
versorComputes the versor
XB2PComputes trinomial probability distributions implied by...
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