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Bill metadata

Bill meta-data. Returned from parse_bill() function.

HB1 <- system.file("extdata", "bill/HB1.json", package = "legiscanrr")

parse_bill(HB1) %>% rmarkdown::paged_table()

Bill full text

Bill text information. Returned from get_bill_text(). See decode_bill_text() and vignette for how to retrieve text from the base64 encoded document.

get_bill_text(doc_id = 1877162)

Bill progress

Returned from parse_bill_progress() function. Includes important event only. Not complete action history.

parse_bill_progress(HB1) %>% rmarkdown::paged_table()

Bill sponsors

Returned from parse_bill_sponsor().

parse_bill_sponsor(HB1) %>% rmarkdown::paged_table()

Legislator information

Returned from parse_people().

person_8630 <- system.file("extdata", "people/8630.json", package = "legiscanrr")
parse_people(person_8630) %>% rmarkdown::paged_table()

Legislator vote records

Returned from parse_person_vote().

vote_154366 <- system.file("extdata", "vote/154366.json", package = "legiscanrr")
parse_person_vote(vote_154366) %>% rmarkdown::paged_table()

Roll call votes

Returned from parse_rollcall_vote().

parse_rollcall_vote(vote_154366) %>% rmarkdown::paged_table()

Keys for join

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