Man pages for favstats/openmindR

assessment_parserParses Assessment String
calc_correctThis calculates the correct score for each step
calc_ihCreates Intellectual Humility variable
chr_to_dateThis function removes characters in AirTable and turns them...
clean_fa_stringClean Feedback Answers
coalesce_joinCoalescing joints
count_naThis function counts NAs
get_colnamesThis function assigns colnames
get_error_diagDiagnostic Dataset
get_hc_theme_omA highcharter theme
om_clean_parPerforms cleaning on ParticipantProgress data from AirTable
om_clean_ppolCreates several measures of Political Orientation
om_construct_measuresConstructs measures
om_count_String count (because it will be deprecated from dplyr)
om_filter_dataThis function filters down a dataframe by the desired...
om_strsplitThis function allows you to split a string and keep the...
pal_omA ggplot2 palette
parse_feedback_atThis function parses feedback from AirTable (dat.par)
parse_lifehacksParse Lifehacks
pipe_printThis function allows you to print a message in a pipe chain
polar_measuresCreates Political Polarization variables
remove_dupsRemove duplicates from AirTable
scale_color_omA ggplot2 color palette
scale_fill_omA ggplot2 fill palette
spread_itSpreads steps
theme_omA ggplot2 theme
tidy_cohenTidy cohen.d output
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