Man pages for fawda123/ASCI
Calculate scores for the Algal Stream Condition Index

allscrASCI scores for all sites in California
ASCIScore samples using the ASCI tool
asci-classAn S4 class to represent an 'asci' object
chkinpCheck input taxonomy and site data
demo_algae_sitedataExample data for environmental information at each site.
demo_algae_taxExample data for algae taxonomy
diatom_rf_oeDiatom random forest model
getidsAssign unique sample id
hybrid_rf_oeHybrid random forest model
oefunRun the ASCI O/E
oelkupLookup tables for O/E calculations
perfGet performance measures for ASCI
pmmi_calcmetricsCalculate ASCI metrics
pmmifunRun the ASCI pMMI
pmmilkupLookup tables for pMMI calculations
rarifyRarify a macroinvertebrate sample
rf_out_topRandom forest model for predicting diatom metrics
rfpredPredict O/E scores for new sites
sba_rf_oeSoft-bodied algae (sba) random forest model
sitcatSite classifications and PSA regions
STETaxonomic nomenclature
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