Man pages for fawda123/SWMPr
Retrieving, Organizing, and Analyzing Estuary Monitoring Data

aggremetabAggregate metabolism data
aggreswmpAggregate swmpr data
all_paramsImport current station records from the CDMO
all_params_dtrngGet CDMO records within a date range
apacpnutExample nutrient data for Apalachicola Bay Cat Point station.
apacpwqExample water quality data for Apalachicola Bay Cat Point...
apadbwqExample water quality data for Apalachicola Bay Dry Bar...
apaebmetExample weather data for Apalachicola Bay East Bay station.
calcklCalculate oxygen mass transfer coefficient
cens_idFlag observations above/below detection limits
combCombine swmpr data
decompSimple trend decomposition
decomp_cjSimple trend decomposition of monthly swmpr data
decompTsDecompose a time series
ecometabEcosystem metabolism
gradcolsGet colors for plots
hist.swmprPlot swmpr using a histogram
import_localImport local CDMO data
map_reserveMap a reserve
metab_dayIdentify metabolic days in a time series
na.approx.swmprLinearly interpolate gaps
overplotPlot multiple SWMP time series on the same y-axis
oxySolDissolved oxygen at saturation
param_namesGet parameters of a given type
parserParse web results for swmpr
plot_metabPlot ecosystem metabolism for a swmpr object
plot_quantsCreate a plot of data for a single year overlaid on...
plot_summaryPlot graphical summaries of SWMP data
plot.swmprPlot swmpr data
plot_windCreate a wind rose
qaqcQAQC filtering for SWMP data
qaqcchkSummary of QAQC flags in SWMP data
rem_repsRemove replicates in nutrient data
setstepFormat a swmpr time vector
single_paramGet CDMO records for a single parameter
site_codesObtain metadata for all stations
site_codes_indObtain metadata for a single reserve
smootherSmooth swmpr data
stat_locsLocations of NERRS sites
subset.swmprSubset a swmpr object
swmprCreate a swmpr object
time_vecFormat SWMP datetimestamp
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