Man pages for fawda123/WtRegDO
Implement Weighted Regression on Dissolved Oxygen Time Series

aggregate.metabAggregete metabolism data
dectimeCreate decimal time using day on a 24 hour scale
ecometabEcosystem metabolism
evalcorEvaluate tide and sun correlation
f_calcKLCalculate oxygen mass transfer coefficient
metab_dtdEcosystem metabolism for SAPDC from detided DO
metab_obsEcosystem metabolism for SAPDC from observed DO
met_day_funIdentify metabolic days in a swmpr time series
metevalEvaluate metabolism results
oxySolDissolved oxygen at saturation
SAPDCSample dataset for weighted regression
sfbaySan Francisco Bay water quality data
smootherSmooth a plot of metabolism data
wtfunGet weights used during weighted regression
wtregWeighted regression for dissolved oxygen time series
wtreg_resResults from weighted regression with the SAPDC dataset
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