Man pages for fawda123/rStrava
Access the Strava API

athl_funGet data for an athlete
athlind_funGet data for a single athlete
chk_nopolylineRemove activities with no geographic data
compile_activitiesconverts a list of activities into a dataframe
compile_activityconvert a single activity list into a dataframe
compile_activity_streamsConvert a set of streams of a single activity into a...
compile_seg_effortCompile the efforts of a segment
compile_seg_effortsCompile the efforts of multiple segments
compile_segmentCompile information on a segment
decode_PolylineDecode Google polyline of an activity into latitude and...
get_activityGet detailed data of an activity
get_activity_listGet an activities list
get_activity_streamsRetrieve streams for activities, and convert to a dataframe
get_athleteGet basic data for an athlete
get_basicGet basic Strava data
get_clubGet club data
get_distsGet distance from longitude and latitude points
get_efforts_listGet all the efforts in a segment if no queries are specified
get_elev_profCreate elevation profiles from activity data
get_exploreExplore segments within a bounded area
get_followingGet followers, friends, or both-following
get_gearGet gear details from its identifier
get_heat_mapMakes a heat map from your activity data
get_KOMsGet KOMs/QOMs/CRs of an athlete
get_latlonget latitude and longitude from Google polyline
get_leaderboardRetrieve the leaderboard of a segment
get_pagesGet several pages of one type of request
get_segmentRetrieve details about a specific segment
get_spdsplitsGet speed splits in a dataframe
get_starredRetrieve a summary of the segments starred by an athlete
get_streamsRetrieve a Strava data stream for a single activity
loc_funGet athlete location
monthly_funGet distances for last twelve months
plot_spdsplitsPlot speed by splits
ratelimitGenerate the ratelimit indicator
strava_oauthGenerata Strava API authentication token
summ_funGet summary data for an athlete
units_funGet units of measurement
url_activitiesSet the url of activities for different activity lists
url_athleteSet the url of the athlete to get data
url_clubsSet the url of the clubs for the different requests
url_gearSet the url of the equipment item to get data
url_segmentSet the url for the different segment requests
url_streamsSet the url for stream requests
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