Man pages for fboehm/gemma
GEMMA algorithm for estimating variance components in multivariate linear mixed effects models

calc_b_hatCalculate little b hat
calc_el_hatCalculate el_hat in EM for multivariate LMM
calc_gl_hatCalculate gl_hat in EM for multivariate LMM
calc_restricted_likelihoodCalculate value of restricted likelihood for specified values...
calc_Sigmabb_hatCalculate Sigmabb_hat for use in EM for multivariate LMM
calc_Sigmalee_hatCalculate Sigmalee_hat
calc_Sigmalgg_hatCalculate Sigmalgg_hat
convert_b_hatConvert little b hat matrix (dimension (ad) by 1) to big B...
update_VeUpdate Ve
update_VgUpdate Vg
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