Man pages for fdavidcl/ruta
Unsupervised Deep Architectures for R

as_networkCoercion to ruta_network
autoencoderCreate an autoencoder learner
autoencoder_sparseSparse autoencoder
decodeRetrieve decoding of encoded data
denseCreate a fully-connected neural layer
encodeRetrieve encoding of data
encoding_indexGet the index of the encoding
inputCreate an input layer
join-networksAdd layers to a network/Join networks
make_sparseAdd sparsity regularization to an autoencoder
new_autoencoderCreate an autoencoder learner
new_layerLayer wrapper constructor
new_networkSequential network constructor
outputCreate an output layer
plot.ruta_networkDraw a neural network
print.ruta_networkInspect a neural network
sparsitySparsity regularization
sub-.ruta_networkAccess subnetworks of a network
to_keras.ruta_autoencoderExtract Keras models from an autoencoder wrapper
to_keras.ruta_networkBuild a Keras network
train.ruta_autoencoderTrain a learner object with data
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