Man pages for fditraglia/binivdoctr

alphaBoundsIndepCalculate upper bounds for a0 and a1 based on independence...
angristAngrist et al. (2002) Dataset
binDGPSimulation DGP for binary example with independent instrument
cellOutputGenerate reduced form draws for particular (Tobs, Z) cell
ddirichletDirichlet Density Function
dinkelmanDinkelman (2011) Dataset
dirichletInteractiveInteractive Heatmap for Dirichlet Density
dirichletPlotHeatmap Plot for Dirichlet Density
drawDPMGibbs sampler for Dirichlet Process Mixture of Normals
draw_dTstar_tilde_validMake draws for dTstar_tilde under the assumption that...
draw_dz_tildeMake draws for dz_tilde
drawObsMake draws of reduced form parameters
drawObsIJDraw reduced form parameters from Ishwaran & James DPM
gelbachGelbach (2002) Dataset
get_alpha_boundsCalculate sharp bounds for a0 and a1
get_dTstar_tildeCalculate endogeneity of binary regressor
get_dz_tildeCalculate endogeneity of binary instrument
getMomentsForSamplerGet moments for sampling reduced-form parameters
getObsCalculate summary statistics of observables
onlyActiveProcess results of drawDPM to drop empty clusters
plotAlphaBoundsMake plot of bounds on a0 and a1 implied by observable CDFs
plot_fixed_a1Plot fixing a1
plot_fixed_dTstarFixed dTstar plot
plot_valid_ivValid IV plot
rdirichletRandom draws from a Dirichlet Distribution
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