Man pages for fditraglia/zoofactr

density_normalMultivariate normal probability density function
density_tMultivariate Student-t probability density function
density_wishartWishart probability density function
devechConvert Half-vectorization to symmetric matrix
draw_gammaSimulate draws from the Gamma distribution.
draw_normalSimulate one draw from a multivariate normal distribution
draw_wishartSimulate one draw from the Wishart distribution
ff5Fama/French 5 Factors (2x3)
helloHello, World!
industry1010 Industry Portfolios
liqLiquidity Factor
log1p_armaArmadillo wrapper for R's log1p function.
log_mv_gammaNatural logarithm of the p-dimensional MV Gamma function
momMomentum Factor
rcpp_helloHello, Rcpp!
sizePortfolios Formed on Size
vechHalf-vectorization of a symmetric matrix
zoofactrzoofactr: A Bayesian visits the factor zoo.
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