Man pages for fellstat/ShinyAsyncTools
Tools for Message Passing Between Processes

AsyncInterruptorAn interruptor useful for stopping child processes.
AsyncProgressA progress bar object where inc and set are usable within...
ConsumerA Class for reading and executing tasks from a source
defaultSourceGet/set the class used to sink/read from the file system
ipc-packageTools for performing async communication between workers in...
ProducerA Class for sending signals to a source
QueueCreate a Queue object
redisConfigGet/set redis configuration
redisIdGeneratorGet/set the location for temporary files
RedisSourceReads and writes the queue to a redis db
ShinyConsumerA Consumer class with common task handlers useful in Shiny...
shinyExampleRun Example Shiny Apps
ShinyProducerA Producer with methods specific for Shiny
shinyQueueCreate a Queue object
stopMulticoreFutureStops a future run in a multicore plan
tempFileGeneratorGet/set the location for temporary files
TextFileSourceReads and writes the queue to a text file
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