Man pages for femiguez/apsimx
Inspect, Read, Edit and Run 'APSIM' "Next Generation" and 'APSIM' Classic

add_column_apsim_metAdd a column to an object of class 'met'
amp_apsim_metCalculates attribute amp for an object of class 'met'
apsimRun an APSIM (7.x) 'Classic' simulation
apsim_exampleAccess Example APSIM Simulations
apsim_optionsSetting some options specific to APSIM (7.x) 'Classic'
apsim.optionsEnvironment which stores APSIM options
apsim_versionDisplay available APSIM 'Classic' and APSIM-X versions
apsimxRun an APSIM-X simulation
apsimx_exampleAccess Example APSIM-X Simulations
apsimx_filetypeTest file format for .apsimx files
apsimx_optionsSetting some options for the package
apsimx.optionsEnvironment which stores APSIM-X options
apsimx_soil_profileCreate APSIM-X Soil Profiles
as_apsim_metConversion from data frame to met object
auto_detect_apsim_examplesAuto detect where apsim examples are located
auto_detect_apsimx_examplesAuto detect where apsimx examples are located
available_water_contentCalculate available water content
carbon_stocksCalculate soil carbon stocks
check_apsim_metCheck a met file for possible errors
compare_apsimCompare two or more apsim output objects
compare_apsim_metCompare two or more metfiles
compare_apsim_soil_profileCompare two or more soil profiles
doy2dateConverts from doy to date
edit_apsimEdit an APSIM (Classic) Simulation
edit_apsim_replace_soil_profileEdit APSIM 'Classic' file with a replaced soil profile
edit_apsimxEdit an APSIM-X (JSON) Simulation
edit_apsimx_batchEdit an APSIM-X (JSON) Simulation in Batch mode
edit_apsim_xmlEdit an APSIM (Classic) Simulation auxiliary xml file
edit_apsimx_replacementEdit a replacement component in an .apsimx (JSON) file
edit_apsimx_replace_soil_profileEdit APSIM-X file with a replaced soil profile
extract_values_apsimxExtract values from a parameter path
get_apsimx_jsonfetches the json file for a specific model from APSIMX github
get_chirps_apsim_metGet CHIRPS data for an APSIM met file
get_daymet2_apsim_metGet DAYMET data for an APSIM met file
get_daymet_apsim_metGet DAYMET data for an APSIM met file
get_gsod_apsim_metGet GSOD data for an APSIM met file
get_iem_apsim_metGet weather data from Iowa Environmental Ag Weather Stations
get_iemre_apsim_metGet weather data from Iowa Environmental Mesonet Reanalysis
get_isric_soil_profileGenerate a synthetic APSIM soil profile from the ISRIC soil...
get_power_apsim_metGet NASA-POWER data for an APSIM met file
get_ssurgo_soil_profileRetrieve soil profile data and convert it to an object of...
get_ssurgo_tablesRetrieve soil profile data and return a (list) with data...
grep_json_listgrep but for json list
impute_apsim_metPerform imputation for missing data in a met file
insert_replacement_nodeInserts a replacement node in a simple apsimx simulation file
inspect_apsimInspect an .apsim (XML) file
inspect_apsimxInspect an .apsimx (JSON) file
inspect_apsimx_jsonInspect an .apsimx or .json (JSON) file
inspect_apsim_xmlInspect an APSIM Classic auxiliary (XML) file
inspect_apsimx_replacementInspect a replacement component in an .apsimx (JSON) file
mcmc.apsim.envEnvironment to store data for apsim MCMC
mcmc.apsimx.envEnvironment to store data for apsimx MCMC
napad_apsim_metPad a met file with NAs when there are date discontinuities
obsWheatObserved wheat phenology, LAI and biomass
optim_apsimOptimize parameters in an APSIM simulation
optim_apsimxOptimize parameters in an APSIM Next Generation simulation
plot.metPlot method for object of class 'met'
print.metPrinter-friendly version of a metfile
read_apsimRead APSIM generated .out files
read_apsim_allRead all APSIM generated .out files in a directory
read_apsim_metRead in an APSIM met file
read_apsim_soilsRead in a soils (XML) file into a list of 'soil_profile'...
read_apsimxRead APSIM-X generated .db files
read_apsimx_allRead all APSIM-X generated .db files in a directory
sens_apsimSensitivity Analysis for APSIM Next Generation simulation
sens_apsimxSensitivity Analysis for APSIM Next Generation simulation
soilorganicmatter_parmsHelper function to supply additional Soil Organic Matter...
soilwat_parmsHelper function to supply SoilWat parameters
ssurgo2spTake in SSURGO csv files and create a soil profile
summary.metSummary for an APSIM met file
swim_parmsHelper function to supply SWIM parameters
tt_apsim_metCalculates Thermal Time taking a 'met' object
unit_convperforms common unit conversions
view_apsimViewing an APSIM Classic file interactively
view_apsimxViewing an APSIM-X file interactively
view_apsim_xmlView an APSIM Classic auxiliary (XML) file
wopWheat example optimization results
wop.hWheat example optimization results plus Hessian
write_apsim_metWrite an APSIM met file
xargs_apsimxProvide extra arguments for APSIM-X
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