Man pages for fennerm/fen.R.util
Fenner's personal R libraries

add_missing_columnsAdd missing columns to a table
apply_acrossApply a function across elements of a list
boot_compare_allApply a two group statistical test to each group in a nested...
boot_quantilesBootstrap a statistic across a table and produce bca ci and...
bootstrap_centered_nullBootstrap the null distribution for a statistic centered at a...
bootstrap_testBootstrap difference in statistic across two groups
calc_bca_quantilesCalculate quantiles and bias corrected confidence intervals...
center_distributionCenter a distribution at a given mean value
extract_numericGrab all the numbers from a list as a string
extract_taxaRemove all entries from blobtab except those from taxa in...
filter_nullRemove all NULL values from a list
gen_square_matrixGenerate an empty square matrix
list_to_stringConvert a list to a space separated string
modeCalculate the mode of a vector.
precomputed_boxplotBox and whiskers plot with precomputed confidence intervals
read_tableRead a table with sensible defaults
read_textRead a text file as a single string
replace_nullReplace all NULL values in a list
replace_rowsReplace rows in a data.frame by index
save_resultsWrite table or plot to file
script_dirGet the executing R script's directory path
script_nameGet the path to the executing R script
select_groupsFilter a data.frame to exclude all rows which are not in...
split_nested_tibbleSplit a nested tibble by a column
split_tableSplit a data.frame by a column
tibble_combnApply a function across all combinations of groups in a...
unlist_preserving_namesUnlist without changing the names of the inner objects
write_tableWrite a table with sensible defaults
write_table_with_headerWrite a table to file with added header using write.table
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