Man pages for fgailly/BPS-package
R Business Process Model Simulation package

add_activityAdd a BPMN-activity element
add_AND_joinAdd a BPMN AND-join element
add_AND_splitAdd a BPMN AND-split element
add_intermediate_eventAdd an Intermediate BPMN-event
add_stop_eventAdd a stop BPMN-event
add_XOR_joinAdd a BPMN XOR-join element
add_XOR_splitAdd a BPMN XOR-split element
create_arrivalsAdding interarrival_times to a trajectory
create_resourceAdding resources to a simulation
import_BPMNReading in a bpmn 2.0 xml file
set_activity_durationAdds an activity duration to an activity
set_intermediate_event_durationAdds a duration to an intermediate event
set_probabilities_to_XOR_splitSpecify the probabilities of a XOR-split
set_resource_to_activitySpecify which resource is responsible for executing an...
transform_BPSCreating a trajectory environment of the simmer package
transform_get_mon_arrivalsTransforming a dataframe received by...
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