Man pages for fidadoma/scanpatterns
Set of functions used for working with scan patterns

addAdds small spatiotemporal map (stm) to the big stm at...
as.scanpathConverts an eye to the scanpath data frame to valid.eyes data.frame
bin.trajectoryBins trajectory
center.axisCenters two spatiotemporal map at each other
clear.spaceRemoves all data from spatiotemporal map
compute.nss.from.spaceComputes nss distance metric
containsTests, if coordinates of the bin are present in...
corr.distComputes correlation distance metric
corr.for.two.listComputes correlation distance metric for two lists
describe.eyeDescriptive statistics for an eye object
empty.spaceCreates empty spatiotemporal map
flip.eyeFlips eye by x and/or y axis
flip.scanpathFlips scanpath by x and/or y axis
flip.spaceFlips spatiotemporal map by x and/or y axis
gaussian.maskCreates small gaussian
get.coordsTests if object is of class space
get.eyeCreates eye object from data frame
get.scanpathGets scanpaths from data.frame
get.stored.scanpath.nameGets filename of stored scanpath filename of stored spatiotemporal map
incoherence.eyeRandomly move proportion of trajectory far away
is.compatibleTest, if two spatiotemporal map are compatible
is.eyeTests if object is of class eye
is.spaceTests if object is of class space
is.spathTest if object is of class scanpath
is.summableTest, if two spatiotemporal map are summable
is.valid.eyeTests if object is a valid instance of eye object
is.valid.eyesTest if object is of class valid.eyes
load.eyeLoads an eye object from file
load.eye2Loads an eye object from file
load.scanpathLoads scanpath from file
load.scanpath2Loads scanpath from file
load.spaceLoads spatiotemporal map
load.space2Loads spatiotemporal map from file
load.spacesLoads spaces specified by list
make.stepsCreates steps for spatiotemporal maps
make.steps.gaussCreates steps for 3D gaussian
mesh.gridCreates meshgrid for spatiotemporal map
MOT_FD-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
move.eyeMoves eye gaze data in space (cart coord). Move is specified...
move.eye.polarMoves eye gaze data in space (polar coord)
move.spaceMoves spatiotemporal map
normalize.spaceNormalize values in spatiotemporal map
nss.distComputes nss distance metric
plot.eyeVisualize an eye object
plot.spaceVisualizes scanpath space
plus-.spacePlus operator for two spatiotemporal fixation maps
prepare.all.scanpathsPrepare all scanpaths
prepare.all.spacesCreates steps for 3D gaussian
print.eyePrint an eye object
save.all.eyeSaves all eye objects from into the file
save.eyeSaves an eye object into the file scanpath to space
smooth.spaceConvolves scanpath with Gaussian
step.sizeComputes step size per dimension
sum.spacesSum spatiotemporal fixation maps
valueToIndexGets index for given value
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