Man pages for fkeck/phylosignal
Exploring the Phylogenetic Signal in Continuous Traits

barplot.phylo4dBarplot of Traits Values along a Phylogeny
descentsNamesNames of descents
directDescentsID of direct descents
distEqPairwise Distance from Regularly Distributed Points
dotplot.phylo4dDotplot of Traits Values along a Phylogeny
evenColorsPalette of evenly distributed colors
focusFocus on sub parts of a plot
graphClustPhylogenetically constrained clustering
gridplot.phylo4dGridplot of Traits Values along a Phylogeny
kStarTestComputes permutation test for Blomberg's K Star
kTestComputes permutation test for Blomberg's K
lambdaTestTest Pagel's Lambda Optimize Pagel's Lambda and do a...
layouterizeSet layout for plots
layouterizeRatioSet layout for plots
lipaMoranLocal Indicator of Phylogenetic Association
mantelStatMantel statistic
matchTipsAndTraitsMatch matrix row/col names with phylo4d tips/traits
moranTestComputes permutation test for Moran's I
multiplot.phylo4dPlots of Traits Values along a Phylogeny
navicPhylogeny and pollution sensitivity of diatoms
orderGrArgReordering vector or matrix of settings.
pagelLogLikComputes log-likelihood for data and a given value of Pagel's...
phyloCorrelogramPhylogenetic correlogram
phyloSignalBSComputes phylogenetic signal for bootstrapped replicates of a...
phyloSignalINTComputes phylogenetic signal at each internal node of a...
phylosignalStatsComputes phylogenetic signal with different methods
phyloSimSimulate the behaviour of phylogenetic signal statistics with...
phyloSimSignalPhylogenetic signal estimation as a fraction of a Brownian...
phyloWeightsPhylogenetic weights matrix
plot.graphclustPlot phylogenetically constrained clustering
plot.phylocorrelogramPlot a phylogenetic correlogram
plot.phylosimPlot 'phylosim' object
plot.phylosimsignalPlot signal estimation as a fraction of a Brownian Motion...
print.graphclust#' Print results of phylogenetically constrained clustering
print.phylosimsignalPrint signal estimation as a fraction of a Brownian Motion...
read.p4dRead a phylo4d object from files
rTraitContWeightTraits Values Simulation
subsetPhyloSimSignalphyloSimSignal subsetting
white2redColor Palette
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