Man pages for fkeck/subtools
Manipulate Subtitles in R

cleanClean subtitles
combineSubsCombine subtitles
mkvInfoGet informations about subtitles embedded in MKV files
mkvSubExtractExtract subtitles embedded in MKV files
print_subPrint methods for subtitles
rawTextGet subtitles text
read_seriesRead series subtitles
read.subtitlesRead subtitles
sentencifyReorganize subtitles as sentences
subDataFrameConvert subtitles to a dataframe
sub-.SubtitlesExtract parts of 'Subtitles' objects
SubtitlesCreate a 'Subtitles' object
summary_subSummary methods for subtitles
tmCorpusConvert subtitles to a tm corpus
write.subtitlesWrite subtitles
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