Man pages for flahn/scidbst
Spatio Temporal Extension for SciDB (scidbst)

affine-scidbst-methodsHandling for the affine transformation on scidb(st) arrays
aggregate-scidbst-methodsAggregates a scidbst object over given dimensions and/or...
as-scidbst-data.frameAs data.frame
as-scidbst-RasterBrickAs RasterBrick
as-scidbst-scidbReturns the scidb proxy part of the scidbst object
as-scidbst-SpatialPointsDataFrameAs SpatialPointsDataFrame
as-scidbst-STSDFAs STSDF
as-scidbst-xtsAs xts
copySRS-methodsCopy spatial reference
copyTRS-methodsCopy temporal reference
crop-scidbst-methodCrop / spatial subset function
crs-scidbst-methodsGets and sets the Coordinate Reference System for a...
cumulate-scidbstCumulate function for scidbst objects
dimension-scidbst-methodsDimension operations
estimateFileSize-scidbst-methodEstimates the file size for a scidbst array
extent-scidbst-methodsGets and sets the spatial extent of a scidbst array
getRefPeriod-methodCreates a character expression for the reference time period
is.spatial-scidbst-methodCheck for a scidbst object having a spatial reference
is.temporal-scidbst-methodCheck for a scidbst object having a temporal reference
join-scidbstJoins the attributes of x and y
project-scidbstProject onto a subset of attributes in a scidbst object
r-apply-scidbst-methodApply custom R functions on scidbst array chunks
repart-scidbstRepartion a scidbst array
resample-scidbst-methodsRegrid / Resample operator for scidbst objects
resolution-scidbst-methodsSpatial resolution
schema-scidbst-methodsSchema related functions
scidb_opReports the current scidb operation cascade
scidbst-classClass scidbst
scidbstevalExecutes cascaded operations and stores data in scidb under a...
scidbst.lsList all spacetime SciDB arrays
scidbst-pkg-packageSpatio Temporal Extension for SciDB (scidbst)
setSRS-scidbSets the spatial reference system at a given array
setTRS-scidb-TRS-methodAdd a TRS to a scidb array
show-scidbst-methodShow scidbst object
show-TemporalExtent-methodShow method
slice-scidbst-methodsSlice a scidbst object at a particular dimension value
spplot-scidbstspplot for scidbst objects
SRS-classSpatial Reference Class
srs-scidbst-methodReturns the spatial reference
subarray-scidbst-methodSubarray function for scidbst object
subset-scidbst-methodSubset / Filter method for scidbst objects
t0-methodReturns the temporal datum (t0)
TemporalExtent-classTemporal Extent class
textent-methodsGetter and constructor for a TemporalExtent
tmax-methodMaximum temporal boundary
tmin-methodMinimum temporal boundary
transfer-scidbst-scidbst-methodTransfers dimension indices
transformAllSpatialIndicesTransform all spatial indices to spatial coordinates
transformAllTemporalIndicesTransforms a given data.frame with temporal dimension into...
transform-scidbst-methodTransform / Apply function for scidbst object
tres-methodReturns the temporal resolution
TRS-classTemporal Reference System
trs-scidbst-methodReturns the Temporal reference object
tunit-methodReturns the temporal unit
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