Man pages for flogrc/piflow
Precipitation and discharge analysis tools with zoo vector

daily2annualCalculate annual data from daily data
function_nameShort resume of function (max 10 words)
hanningFilter data with Hanning filter order 2
isDateTest date class
isLeapYearTest if a year is a leap year
isspCalculate Indice Standardisé des Sécheresses Pluviométriques...
issqCalculate ISSQ index of Pita for discarge
mk_sen_pettittCalculate Mann-Kendall, Pettitt, Sen tests
monthly2annualCalculate annual data from monthly data
nbNoNAsCalculate the number of dates without missing values per year...
plot_trendPlot data and Mann-Kendall, Pettitt, Sen, Sequential...
pnpiCalculate Percent of Normal Index (PNPI)
raiCalculate Rainfall Anomaly Index (RAI)
speiCalculate Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index...
spiCalculate Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)
ssfiCalculate Standardized StreamFlow Index (SSFI)
tsExtensionExtend a daily or monthly time series
yearTranslationCreate a vector for the computation of hydrological years
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