Man pages for flr/FLEDA
Exploratory Data Analysis for FLR

bmass-classClass "bmass" for mature and immature biomass
bubbles-methodBubbles plots for "spay" and "FLCohort" objects
ccplot-methodsCatch curves plot method
cor-methodCorrelation for class "FLQuant"
flc2flq-methodsCoerce "FLCohort" to "FLQuant"
FLEDA-packageExploratory Data Analysis for FLR
logcc-classClass "logcc" for log catch curves
logr-classClass "logr" for log ratio at age per cohort
mv0-methodsCompute missing values and 0
nay-classClass "nay" for normalisation at age per year
pay-classClass "pay" for proportion at age per year
plot-methodPlot for class "FLCohort"
rpay-classClass "rpay" for relative proportion at age per year
spay-classClass "spay" for standardised proportion at age per year
splom-methodSplom plots for FLQuants and FLCohorts
z-classClass "z" for total mortality
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