Man pages for fmsan51/cattleIDjp
Search NLBC Database by Cattle ID Numbers

cidSearch cattle information by ID
dialog_finishedDialog to tell you scparing is finised
load_idsLoads cattle ID numbers from a csv file or clipboard
make_dialogMakes dialog to choose a input file and a output path and...
ProgressBarProgress bar
save2csvSave scraped information to a csv file
scrape_50Scrape 50 cattle
scrape_infoScrape information from a NLBC information page
scrape_info_cattleScrape information of cattle from a NLBC information page
scrape_info_farmScrape information of farmer from a NLBC information page
scrape_nlbcScrape NLBC websites
setProgressBarSet progress bar
validate_idsValidates cattle ID numbers
write_logOutput error-log
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