Man pages for forsythfuture/FFtools
Consolidates common functions and commands used by Forsyth Futures

create_pums_surveyCreate a survey design object from the Census PUMS dataset
ff_acs_ageFilter for age rows in ACS data and rebin ages if needed
ff_acs_ethnicityFilter for race / ethnicity rows in ACS data
ff_acs_filterFilter rows in ACS data based on column text describing the...
ff_acs_keep_varsFilter ACS data for specific variables
ff_all_year_acsImport ACS data for a single year and topic
ff_county_fipsMatch county names to county FIPS codes
ff_create_varnamesCreate variable names for tables
ff_estimates_ciMatrix of estimates and confidence intervals
ff_inflation_adjustInflation Adjustments
ff_iterate_acsIteratively import ACS data
ff_plot_censusChoropleth Map for Census Tracts
ff_plot_compareBar and Line Chart of Comparison Geographies
ff_plot_compare_barBar Chart of Comparison Geographies
ff_plot_compare_lineLine Chart of Comparison Geographies
ff_plot_demoBar and Line Chart of Demographics
ff_plot_demo_barBar Chart of Demographics
ff_plot_demo_lineLine Chart of Demographics
ff_pretty_kablePretty formatting of significance testing and estimate tables...
ff_proportionsDifference and confidence interval of difference between two...
ff_pums_ethnicityRelabel PUMS data from numeric race / ethnicity to...
ff_se_countStandard error for aggregated count data
ff_se_prodStandard error for the product of two estimates
ff_se_propStandard error for derived proportions
ff_se_ratioStandard error for derived ratios
ff_sigtestMatrix of significance tests
ff_single_acsImport ACS data for a single iteration
ff_spread_dualSpread columns when there are two value columns that need to...
ff_spread_singleIntermediate function used in 'ff_spread_dual'. It spreads...
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