Man pages for fragla/acreular
Methods for Calculating 'ACR' and 'EULAR' based Scores and Classifications

acrEularRAHelper function for creating an acrEularRA class.
acrEularRAClassificationCalculate ACR/EULAR 2010 RA classification
acrEularRAScoreCalculate ACR/EULAR 2010 RA score
aprClassificationCalculate acute phase reactant classification from test...
aprScoreCalculate acute phase reactant component score
datesToDurationConvert two dates to a duration in days.
durationScoreCalculate duration component score
eularResponseCalculate EULAR response
jointScoreCalculate joint component score
new_acrEularRACreate a new acrEularRA class
serologyClassificationCalculate serology classification from test scores and ULN
serologyScoreCalculate serology component score
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