Man pages for frederic-michaud/RQuantiNemo
Interacting with the program QuantiNemo

addFileAdd an input file to quantiNemo.
getCommandget the command to be run
getParameterGet the value of a parameter if it exist or the default value...
getPostInfoGet the last part of a filename that changes through...
initialize-simulation-methodBuild a minimal object for a QuantiNemo simulation
loadGenoLoad the Genotype of a QuantiNemo simulation
loadPhenoLoad the Phenotype of a QuantiNemo simulation
loadStatLoad the statistic of a QuantiNemo simulation
loadStatPatchLoad the statistic (mean) of a QuantiNemo simulation for each...
loadStatRepLoad the statistic for various replicate of a QuantiNemo...
print.simulationDisplay basic information about a quantiNemo simulation
runRun a QuantiNemo simulation
setParameterAdd a new parameter to a quantiNemo simulation.
writeDataframeFilesPrint all the input files which come from a data frame
writeGenoFilePrint the genotype file
writeInputPrint all the input file for a QuantiNemo simulation
writeMainFilePrint the main input file for the QuantiNemo simulation
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