Man pages for freysimon/TigR
A collection of more or less usefull R functions

abcreturn a single letter from alphabet
addSlashAdd a slash to an existing character string
apply.daily.columnsColumnwise apply a function to receive hourly or daily...
apply.hourlyaggregate xts object to hourly values
changeSlashSubstitute slashes by double backslashes
clear.duplicatedRemove duplicated entries
colMaxFind the max value of a (set of) column(s)
colMinFind the min value of a (set of) column(s) new graphical device
distribcompute snow distribution accoding to nvar
embed.fullextentModified version of embed
fill.missingFill missing values in an xts object
find_peaksFind peak(s) in a vector
get.dimensionsGet dimensions from COSERO parameters
get.parameterExtract a parameter from a COSERO parameter file
head.listReturn the first or last part of a list
is.leapyearCheck for leap years
is.uniqueCheck for unique values
librariesLoading many libraries at once
m3s2mmConvert m^3/s in mm
missing.stepsFind missing time steps in an univariate time series
mm2m3sConvert mm to m^3/s
nalocfFaster version of last observation carried forward
peakdiffCalculate the peak difference of two hydrographs
readCoseroReading COSERO output files
read_COSERO_parRead a COSERO parameterfile
readHZBread a file provides by HZB
readogrRead a shapefile using RGDAL
read.qobsqsimread qobs_qsim.txt (a COSERO output file)
read.xtsread a textfile and save it as xts-object
removeSlashRemove a trailing slash from a character string
rnaAlternative to na.locf
runcoseroRun the hydrological model COSERO
scalevaluesNormalize values between 0 and 1
setcolumnsDefine a mfrow object out of a number of plots
smoothdailySmooth a time series on daily basis
smoothXTSSmooth a time series
substrRightReturn last n characters of a string
unpackunpack a set of files
update.parametersRun the hydrological model COSERO
watch.filesCheck for changes and append changed textfiles
wblWater balance per time span for unique values
write_COSERO_parWrite a COSERO parameter file
writeogrWrite a shapefile using RGDAL
write.xtsWrite an xts object using the date format as rownames
yearplotPlots an xts object splitted in hydrological years
zip_statefilesCreate zipfiles from COSERO statevarfiles for use in...
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