Man pages for friendly/matlib
Matrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariate Statistics

adjointCalculate the Adjoint of a matrix
angleAngle between two vectors
arcDraw an arc showing the angle between vectors
arrows3dDraw 3D arrows
buildTmatBuild/Get transformation matrices
choleskyCholesky Square Root of a Matrix
circle3dDraw a horizontal circle
classClass Data Set
cofactorCofactor of A[i,j]
cone3dDraw a 3D cone
cornerDraw a corner showing the angle between two vectors
DetDeterminant of a Square Matrix
echelonEchelon Form of a Matrix
EigenEigen Decomposition of a Square Symmetric Matrix
gaussianEliminationGaussian Elimination
GinvGeneralized Inverse of a Matrix
GramSchmidtGram-Schmidt Orthogonalization of a Matrix
gsorthGram-Schmidt Orthogonalization of a Matrix
InverseInverse of a Matrix
is_squareTest for square matrix
JCreate a vector, matrix or array of constants
lenLength of a Vector or Column Lengths of a Matrix
LULU Decomposition
matlibmatlib: Matrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear...
matrix2latexConvert matrix to LaTeX equation
minorMinor of A[i,j]
MoorePenroseMoore-Penrose inverse of a matrix
mpowerMatrix Power
plotEqnPlot Linear Equations
plotEqn3dPlot Linear Equations in 3D
plot.regvec3dPlot method for regvec3d objects
pointOnLinePosition of a point along a line
powerMethodPower Method for Eigenvectors
printMatEqnPrint Matrices or Matrix Operations Side by Side
printMatrixPrint a matrix, allowing fractions or LaTeX output
ProjProjection of Vector y on columns of X
QRQR Decomposition by Graham-Schmidt Orthonormalization
RRank of a Matrix
regvec3dVector space representation of a two-variable regression...
rowaddAdd multiples of rows to other rows
rowCofactorsRow Cofactors of A[i,]
rowMinorsRow Minors of A[i,]
rowmultMultiply Rows by Constants
rowswapInterchange two rows of a matrix
showEigShow the eigenvectors associated with a covariance matrix
showEqnShow Matrices (A, b) as Linear Equations
SolveSolve and Display Solutions for Systems of Linear...
SVDSingular Value Decomposition of a Matrix
svdDemoDemonstrate the SVD for a 3 x 3 matrix
swpThe Matrix Sweep Operator
symMatCreate a Symmetric Matrix from a Vector
therapyTherapy Data
trTrace of a Matrix
vandermodeVandermode Matrix
vecVectorize a Matrix
vectorsDraw geometric vectors in 2D
vectors3dDraw 3D vectors
workersWorkers Data
xprodGeneralized Vector Cross Product
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