Man pages for fstpackage/fsttable
Interface to on-disk data manipulation on fst files

data_table_interfaceCreate a 'data.table' interface around a proxy object
fst_tableAccess a fst file like a regular data.table
fsttable-packageLightning Fast Serialization of Data Frames for R.
remote_table_fstProxy object to a fst file
sub-.datatableinterfacea data.table interface
table_proxyA proxy for a remote table
table_proxy_read_fullRead the all data selected by the table_proxy into memory,...
table_proxy_read_rangeRead a subset of the proxy table to memory
table_proxy_select_row_maskApply a binary row-selection operation on the current...
table_proxy_select_rowsApply a row-selection operation on the current table_proxy...
table_proxy_transformApply a column transformation operation on the current...
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