Man pages for fzwaeustc/pcrfn
Peng's Collection of R Functions at Nielsen

coe_compCompare the fitted coe from different fittings
coe_gam'gam' smoothing of the fitted parameters(coefficients).
coe_sumSummerization of all available paramter fittings.
col.persp3dContinous color schemes for 3D plots
data3dA matrix for 3D plot. This is about the data in 4 day range,...
double.weibullDouble Weibull functions
fit_3d_showDisplay the fitting of the linear-weibull-surface.
gglayoutMulti Figure Arrangement for GGPLOT2 with Shared Legends
ggmfrowSimple Multiple Figure Arrangement for GGPLOT2
line_data_lenAll purities by STBS length.
pcrf-packagePeng's Collection of R Functions at Nielsen
read_3dRead 3D csv files
weib.lineSingle Weibull plus line models.
weibullSingle Weibull functions
weibull.surfaceLinear Weibull Surface
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