Man pages for gadenbuie/regexhelp
Rstudio Addin to Explain, Test and Build Regular Expressions

check_versionCheck if an updated version is available
generate_help_uiGenerates Help Tab UI
get_regex_libraryLoads Regex Pattern Library
regex_gadgetRegExplain gadget
regexplain_addinRegExplain Addin
regexplain_cheatsheetRegex Cheatsheet Quick Reference
regexplain_fileRegexplain File Addin
regexplain-packageregexplain: Rstudio Addin to Explain, Test and Build Regular...
run_regexExtract matched groups from regexp
textAreaInputAltModified Text Area Input
textInputCodeModified Text Input
view_regexView grouped regex results
wrap_regexWraps capture groups in regex pattern in span tags to...
wrap_resultWrap matches in HTML span tags to colorize via CSS
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