Man pages for galanisl/NetHypGeom
Hyperbolic geometry of complex networks

airFlights between the 500 busiest commercial airports in the US
check_lhm_parametersCheck LaBNE+HM parameters
check_ps_parametersCheck PS model parameters
compare_clustering_to_erCheck if a given network is strongly clustered
get_conn_probsCheck whether short hyperbolic distances are indicative of...
get_greedy_routing_pathsObtain the greedy paths of a greedy routing process
get_theoretical_conn_probsConnection probabilities in the PS model
greedy_route_packetsAnalyse the navigability of a complex network
hyperbolic_distHyperbolic distance between points
labne_hmLaplacian-Based Network Embedding+HyperMap (LaBNE+HM)
log_seqGenerate a log10-linearly spaced sequence
plot_degree_distrPlots the degree distribution of a network in log-log scale.
plot_hyperbolic_netPlot a network in hyperbolic space
plot_hyperbolic_nodesPlot the nodes of a network in hyperbolic space
ps_modelGenerate a Popularity-Similarity network
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