Man pages for galuardi/SatTagSim
Simulation from Electronic Tags

bathBathymetric data
box7Datasets used in SatTagSim of 7-box schema of the north...
col2cptMake a GMT color ramp file (.cpt)
get.allparGet u and v parameterss overlay of boxes from a track
get.first.boxGet first occupied area in a time frame
get.kfDGet D from KF estimates
get.start.ptsGet starting points Get starting points for simulations based...
get.trans.probTransition probability matrix generator
get.uvGet u and v subfunction
make.markov.chainGenerate Markov chains from a set of transition matrices
make.par.arrayMake spatio-temporal array of movement parameters This...
make.rasboxRasterize a spatial structure returns either a raster or cell...
make.seas.idxMake seasonal index of tracks
make.sim.rasterMake sim raster
make.sim.track.parSimulate tracks in parallel
make.sim.track.par2Simulate tracks in parallel
merge.parMerge u,v,D parameters Function to merge UV and D parameter...
nsfishNova Scotia Atlantic bluefin tuna
plot.seas.changePlot percent change from previous season
plot.uv.densityDiagnostic ggplots of advection
rmaskRaster mask of World Ocean Atlas SST
rmask2arrayFunction to tranfrom a raster brick of sst to a 3d array and...
SatTagSim-packageSatTagSim: A package to simulate movements from telemetry...
setup.parallelSetup parallel processing Setup parallel processing for...
simm.kfSimulate KF
woasstWorld Ocean Atlas SST 2013
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