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Explore Complex Data by Embedding Subplots

casualtiescasualty data from the Afghan War Diary, lightly cleaned
geom_coxcombCoxcomb glyphs
geom_freqstarFrequency Star glyphs
geom_starStar glyphs
geom_subplotCreate a layer of embedded subplots
geom_subplot2dBin data and visualize with a grid of subplots.
ggsubplotCreate a ggsubplot object
ggsubplot-classggsubplot class
interval_breaksPick breaks for interval (1d) bins.
nasaNasa data from the 2006 American Statistical Association Data...
ply_aesCompute aesthetics groupwise
ref_boxReference box glyph
ref_hlineHorizontal reference line glyph
ref_vlineVertical reference line glyph
rescale_01rescale vectors to [0,1]
rescale_11rescale vectors to [-1,1]
rescale_2pirescale vectors to [0, 2 * pi]
sp_layer-classsp_layer class
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