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Explore large data with binned modelling

add_classadd a class attribute
add_labelsAdd the x_major and y_major variables to a dataframe with gid
AIC.mg_ensembleS3method AIC mg_ensemble
anova.mg_ensembleS3method anova mg_ensemble
build_modelsPerforms group-wise maodelling on an mg_ensemble object
case.names.mg_ensembleS3method case.names mg_ensemble
coef.mg_ensembleS3method coef mg_ensemble
coef.mg_summaryS3method coef mg_summary
collateGet/set the collate attribute of an mg_ensemble object.
confint.mg_ensembleS3method confint mg_ensemble
cooks.distance.mg_ensembleS3method cooks.distance mg_ensemble
crossGroup by the interaction of two variables
data_setGet/set the data_set attribute of an mg_ensemble object.
deviance.mg_ensembleS3method deviance mg_ensemble
dfbeta.mg_ensembleS3method dfbeta mg_ensemble
dfbetas.mg_ensembleS3method dfbetas mg_ensemble
drop1.mg_ensembleS3method drop1 mg_ensemble
dummy.coef.mg_ensembleS3method dummy.coef mg_ensemble
effects.mg_ensembleS3method effects mg_ensemble
ensemblePerforms group-wise modelling on a data frame
extractAIC.mg_ensembleS3method extractAIC mg_ensemble
family.mg_ensembleS3method family mg_ensemble
fitted.mg_ensembleS3method fitted mg_ensemble
format.mg_summaryS3method format mg_summary
formula.mg_ensembleS3method formula mg_ensemble
fortify.mg_ensembleS3method fortify mg_ensemble
gidCreate grouping variable
glyphsCreate the data needed to generate a glyph plot.
groupsGet/set the grouping attribute of an mg_ensemble object.
hatvalues.mg_ensembleS3method hatvalues mg_ensemble
influence.mg_ensembleS3method influence mg_ensemble
is.ensembleIs x an ensemble object?
is.mgIs x a modelglyphs object?
is.modelis an object of class mg_model?
kappa.mg_ensembleS3method kappa mg_ensemble
keyGet/set the key attribute of an mg_ensemble object.
ldply_ensemblePerforms ldply, then labels and reorders output
line_plotQuickly plot line plots of ensemble model data
llply_ensemblePerforms llply, then reorders output and returns as a vector
logLik.mg_ensembleS3method logLik mg_ensemble
magnitude_plotQuickly plot the magnitudes of an ensemble of models
make_keyCreate a key to match group id's with x and y locations on a...
mgCoerce an object to a modelglyphs class
mg_callreturn the model call of an modelglyphs object
modelPass modelling information to ensemble()
model.frame.mg_ensembleS3method model.frame mg_ensemble
model_infoGet/set the model info attribute of an mg_ensemble object.
model.matrix.mg_ensembleS3method model.matrix mg_ensemble
nobs.mg_ensembleS3method nobs mg_ensemble
predict.mg_ensembleS3method predict mg_ensemble
proj.mg_ensembleS3method proj mg_ensemble
ref_boxesCreate reference boxes for a glyph plot
ref_linesCreate reference lines for a glyph plot
renamedReturns a data.frame with new names
residuals.mg_ensembleS3method residuals mg_ensemble S3method resid mg_ensemble
rstandard.mg_ensembleS3method rstandard mg_ensemble
rstudent.mg_ensembleS3method rstudent mg_ensemble
scatter_plotQuickly plot scatterplots of ensemble model data
significance_plotQuickly plot the p-values of an ensemble of models
simulate.mg_ensembleS3method simulate mg_ensemble
summary.mg_ensembleS3method summary mg_ensemble
switch_classswitch the first class attribute
variable.names.mg_ensembleS3method variable.names mg_ensemble
vcov.mg_ensembleS3method vcov mg_ensemble
weights.mg_ensembleS3method weights mg_ensemble
x_majorGet/set the x_major attribute of an mg_ensemble object.
y_majorGet/set the y_major attribute of an mg_ensemble object.
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