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Computational models for prospect theory and other theories of risky decision making

ChoicesCreate a new instance of a Choices class.
Choices-classThe Choices class.
choicesFromFileCreate an instance of a Choices class using data from an...
compareEUCompare the expected utility (EU) of choice gambles.
compareEVCompare the expected value (EV) of choice gambles.
compareGDUCompare choice gambles under Luce's (2000) (Lower)...
comparePRTCompare choice gambles under Viscusi's (1989) Prospective...
comparePTCompare choice gambles under Tversky and Kahneman's (1992)...
compareRAMCompare choice gambles under Birnbaum's (2008) configural...
compareRDUCompare choice gambles under Quiggin's (1993) Rank-dependent...
compareSWAUCompare choices under Subjectively weighted average utility...
compareSWUCompare choice gambles under Edwards' (1954, 1962) Subjective...
compareTAXCompare choice gambles under Birnbaum's (2008) configural...
compound_invariance_pwfThe compound invariance probability weighting function.
constant_relative_sensitivity_pwfThe constant relative sensitivity probability weighting...
drawChoicesDraw a one-stage decision tree.
drawSimplexDraw the probability simplex.
exponential_power_pwfThe exponential-power probability weighting function.
exponential_ufThe exponential utility function.
expo_power_ufThe expo-power utility function.
general_linear_ufThe general linear utility function.
general_power_ufThe general power utility function.
hyperbolic_logarithm_pwfThe hyperbolic-logarithm probability weighting function.
kt_pwfThe Tversky and Kahneman (1992) probability weighting...
linear_in_log_odds_pwfThe linear in log odds probability weighting function.
linear_pwfThe linear probability weighting function.
linear_ufThe linear utility function.
logarithmic_ufThe logarithmic utility function.
neo_additive_pwfThe neo-additive probability weighting function.
normalized_exponential_ufThe normalized exponential utility function.
normalized_logarithmic_ufThe normalized logarithmic utility function.
normalized_power_ufThe normalized power utility function.
plotOneParProbWFamPlot a family of one parameter probability weighting...
plotProbWPlot a probability weighting function.
plotRPPlot the risk premium.
plotTwoParProbWFamPlot a family of two parameter probability weighting...
plotUtilityPlot a utility function.
power_pwfThe power probability weighting function.
power_ufThe power utility function.
ProbWeightCreate an instance of a ProbWeight class.
ProbWeight-classThe ProbWeight class.
pt-packageAn R package for Prospect Theory
quadratic_ufThe quadratic utility function.
saveChoicesSaves a Choices object to an external text file.
UtilityCreate an instance of a Utility class.
Utility-classThe Utility class.
vsdChoicesCreate choice situations that can elicit violations of...
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