Man pages for gasparrini/dlnm
Distributed Lag Non-Linear Models

cbPenGenerate Penalty Matrices for a DLNM
chicagoNMMAPSDaily Mortality Weather and Pollution Data for Chicago
coef.crosspredModel Coefficients and their (Co)Variance Matrix of a DLNM
crGenerate a Basis Matrix for Penalized Cubic Regression...
crossbasisGenerate a Cross-Basis Matrix for a DLNM
crosspredGenerate Predictions for a DLNM
crossreduceReduce the Fit of a DLNM to One-Dimensional Summaries
dlnm-internalInternal Functions for Package dlnm
dlnm-packageDistributed Lag Non-linear Models (DLNM)
drugA Trial on the Effect of Time-Varying Doses of a Drug
equalknotsDefine Knots at Equally-Spaced Values
exphistDefine Exposure Histories from an Exposure Profile
integerGenerate a Basis Matrix of Indicator Variables for Integer...
linGenerate a Basis Matrix with a Variable as Linear
logknotsDefine Knots for Lag Space at Equally-Spaced Log-Values
nestedNested Case-Control Study with a Time-Varying Exposure and a...
onebasisGenerate a Basis Matrix for Different Functions
plot.crosspredPlot Predictions for a DLNM
plot.crossreducePlot Predictions for a Reduced DLNM
polyGenerate a Basis Matrix of Polynomials
psGenerate a Basis Matrix for P-Splines
smooth.construct.cb.smooth.specCross-Basis Spline Smooths for a DLNM
strataGenerate a Basis Matrix of Indicator Variables
thrGenerate a Basis Matrix of Linear Threshold Transformations
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