Man pages for gastonstat/DiscriMiner
Tools of the Trade for Discriminant Analysis

betweenCovBetween-class Covariance Matrix
betweenSSBetween-class Sum of Squares Matrix
binarizeBinarize a data frame into a super-indicator matrix
bordeauxBordeaux Wines Dataset
classifyClassification function
corRatioCorrelation Ratio
desDADescriptive Discriminant Analysis
discPowerDiscriminant Power
DiscriMiner-packageTools of the Trade for Discriminant Analysis
disqualDiscriminant Analysis on Qualitative Variables
easyMCAMultiple Correspondence Analysis
FRatioF-Statistic Ratio
geoDAGeometric Predictive Discriminant Analysis
getWithinWithin-class Covariance Matrix
groupMeansGroup Means
groupMediansGroup Medians
groupQuantsGroup Quantiles
groupStdsGroup Standard Deviations
groupVarsGroup Variances
infarctusInfarctus dataset
insuranceInsurance Dataset
linDALinear Discriminant Analysis
my_plsDAPLS Discriminant Analysis
plsDAPLS Discriminant Analysis
plsDA_oldPLS Discriminant Analysis
quaDAQuadratic Discriminant Analysis
test_bad_learn_setTest Bad Learning Set in Disqual
totalCovTotal Covariance Matrix
totalSSTotal Sum of Squares Matrix
withinCovWithin-class Covariance Matrix
withinSSWithin-class Sum of Squares Matrix
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