Man pages for gastonstat/cranium
Craniography Tools for Exploring R packages in CRAN

add_quotesAdd Quotes
build_cran_previous_csvBuild data table 'cran_previous.csv'
build_current_csvBuild data table 'cran_packages.csv'
build_json_treeBuild JSON Tree
cranium'cranium' Craniography Tools for Exploring R packages in...
current_pkg_urlURL of a package current description
download_current_cranDownload HTML copy of Current R Packages in CRAN
download_current_pkgDownload HTML copy of an R Package current version
download_previous_cranDownload HTML copy of Previous R Packages in CRAN
download_previous_pkgDownload HTML copy of an R package previous versions
get_pkg_attributeGet Package Attribute
get_pkg_descriptionGet Package Description
get_pkg_nameGet Package Name
get_table_attrsGet Table of Attributes
get_table_reverseGet Table of Reverse Dependencies
json_childrenJSON Children
pkg_parserR Package Parser
previous_pkg_dfData Frame of R an package previous versions
previous_pkg_html_tableParse HTML Table of an R Package Previous Versions
previous_pkg_urlURL of a package previous versions
scrape_currentScrape Attributes of Current R Package Version
scrape_current_pkgScrape Attributes of Current R Package Version
scrape_current_pkg_htmlScrape Attributes of the HTML content containing the Current...
scrape_previous_pkgData Frame with the previous versions of an R package
split_pkg_attrSplit Package Attribute
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