Man pages for gbasulto/kerdec
Kernel deconvolution methods

cflaplaceLaplace Characteristic Function
cfnormNormal Characteristic Function
compute_scale_parCompute scale parameter for error in kdde
dlaplaceLaplace Probability Density Function
dlaplace_convol_loglikGradient of Log-likelihood of Laplace Convolution
ecfEmpirical characteristic function
ecf_imagImaginary part of empirical characteristic function
ecf_modModulus of empirical characteristic function
ecf_realReal part of empirical characteristic function
ft_kernelFourier transform of kernel
get_sampling_scenarioIdentify sampling scenario in kerdec
kerdec_densKernel Deconvolution Density Estimation
kerdec_dens2DBivariate Kernel Deconvolution Density Estimation
laplace_convol_loglikLog-likelihood of Laplace Convolution
mle_laplace_diffsMLE of the std. dev. for Laplace convolution
optimize_bwFind positive minimizer with the input function
plaplaceLaplace Cumulative Distribution Function
process_differencesProcess differences for panel data
rlaplaceLaplace Random Generator
select_bwSelect bandwidth
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