Man pages for gbm-developers/gbm
Generalized Boosted Regression Models

basehaz.gbmBaseline hazard function
calibrate.plotCalibration plot
gbmGeneralized Boosted Regression Modeling (GBM)
gbmCrossValCross-validate a gbm
gbm.fitGeneralized Boosted Regression Modeling (GBM)
gbm-internalsgbm internal functions
gbm.moreGeneralized Boosted Regression Modeling (GBM)
gbm.objectGeneralized Boosted Regression Model Object
gbm-packageGeneralized Boosted Regression Models (GBMs)
gbm.perfGBM performance
gbm.roc.areaCompute Information Retrieval measures.
grid.arrangeArrange multiple grobs on a page
interact.gbmEstimate the strength of interaction effects
plot.gbmMarginal plots of fitted gbm objects
predict.gbmPredict method for GBM Model Fits
pretty.gbm.treePrint gbm tree components
print.gbmPrint model summary
quantile.rugQuantile rug plot
reconstructGBMdataReconstruct a GBM's Source Data
relative.influenceMethods for estimating relative influence
shrink.gbmL1 shrinkage of the predictor variables in a GBM
shrink.gbm.predPredictions from a shrunked GBM
summary.gbmSummary of a gbm object
test.gbmTest the 'gbm' package.
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