Man pages for geanders/hurricaneexposure
Explore and Map County-Level Hurricane Exposure in the United States

county_distanceHurricane exposure by distance for counties
county_eventsFind events for storms by county
county_rainHurricane exposure by rain for counties
county_windHurricane exposure by wind for counties
default_mapCreate a default map with eastern US states
distance_exposureWrite storm distance exposure files
events_exposureWrite storm events exposure files
filter_storm_dataFilter hurricane datasets
filter_wind_dataFilter hurricane wind dataset
get_eastern_mapGet map data for eastern US states
hurr_choroplethCreate a map customized for this package
interp_trackInterpolate a storm track
map_countiesMap counties
map_distance_exposureMap counties with distance exposure
map_event_exposureMap county-level exposure based on reported events
map_rain_exposureMap counties with rain exposure
map_tracksPlot Atlantic basin hurricane tracks
map_wind_exposureMap counties with wind exposure
multi_county_distanceHurricane exposure by distance for communities
multi_county_eventsHurricane exposure by events for communities
multi_county_rainHurricane exposure by rain for communities
multi_county_windHurricane exposure by wind for communities
rain_exposureWrite storm rain exposure files
wind_exposureWrite storm wind exposure files
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