Man pages for geanders/stormwindmodel
Model Tropical Cyclone Wind Speeds

add_forward_speedAdds forward speed component to modeled surface wind
add_inflowAdd inflow angle
add_storm_trackPlot Atlantic basin hurricane tracks
add_wind_radiiAdd Willoughby inputs and parameters
calc_and_summarize_grid_windCalculate and summarize grid winds
calc_bearingCalculate bearing from one location to another
calc_forward_speedCalculate storm's forward speed
calc_gradient_speedConvert symmetric surface wind to gradient wind.
calc_grid_windCalculate wind speed at grid points
calc_R1Calculate radius to start of transition region
check_over_landDetermine if storm is over land or water
county_pointsEastern U.S. county latitude and longitudes
create_full_trackImpute hurricane tracks to finer time scale
degrees_to_radiansConvert from degrees to radians
floyd_tracksHurricane Floyd tracks data
get_grid_windsDetermine hurricane winds at locations
gradient_to_surfaceCalculate surface wind speed from gradient
interp_trackInterpolate a storm track
katrina_tracksHurricane Katrina tracks data
landmaskLand-sea mask
latlon_to_kmCalculate distance between two locations
map_windMap wind exposure at the county level
radians_to_degreesConvert from radians to degrees
remove_forward_speedRemove forward speed from maximum wind speed
solve_for_xiNumerically solve Willoughby Eqn. 3 for xi
summarize_grid_windGenerate wind summaries for grid point
will1Model wind speed at a grid point for a storm track...
will10aCalculate X1 for Willoughby model
will10bCalculate n for the Willoughby model
will10cCalculate A for Willoughby model
will1aWilloughby et al. (2006), Equation 1(a)
will2Willoughby et al. (2006), Equation 2
will3_deriv_funcCalculate the function value and derivative for Willoughby...
will3_rightCalculate right-hand side of Willoughby Eqn. 3
will7aCalculate radius of maximum winds
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