Man pages for geneorama/geneorama
Gene's collection of miscellaneous functions

addbgAdd an opaque background to a plot when plotting
bgfunAdd a transparant background to a plot after it's plotted
bsBlack Scholes Calculator
bs_withdivBlack Scholes Calculator (with dividend)
clipdirCopy setwd and the current directory to your clipboard...
clippedDump clipboard contents into R; especially from Excel...
clipperPut items from R onto your cliboard (Windows)
commaShortcut to add comma formatting
convert_crlfconvert crlf to lf in Windows
convert_datatable_DateIDateFind and convert data.table columns from POSIX to IDate
convert_datatable_FactorStringConvert data.table factor columns to string columns
convert_datatable_IntNumFind and convert data.table columns from integer to numeric
convert_datatable_StringDateFind and convert data.table columns from Strings to IDate
convert_datatable_StringFactorConvert data.table character columns to factor columns
dependencylistList all the dependent packages of the currently attached...
detach_nonstandard_namespaces-open-paren-DOES-NOT-WORK-close-parendetach_nonstandard_namespaces (DOES NOT WORK)
detach_nonstandard_packagesdetach_nonstandard_packages - Detach any non-standard...
dftabTable as data.frame
heatplotMake colorful scatter plots where the color show relative...
ininTable of what elements are in x and y
list2matrixConvert a list to an indicator or count matrix
loader-open-paren-DEPRICATED-close-parenLoads a single object into memory
loadinstall_librariesLoad / Install CRAN Packages
makebmMake a matrix simulating Brownian motion
makegmMake a matrix simulating Geometric Brownian motion
mmstdevUsing the method of moments to calculate a standard deviation
NAsummarySummarize NA values in a matrix or data.frame (or data.table)
nokeyReturn a copy of a data.table without the key
plot100colorsGenerate a plot of colors to choose for plots
printDebugMessageEmbed within functions to optionally print debug mesagges at...
ReadAssignRead in a list of files, and assign them to variables based...
reset_graphic_parametersReset the graphic parameters by opening a new plot window
round_weeksRound dates to weeks
saver-open-paren-DEPRICATED-close-parenSaves a single object to a file
seq_rangeSequence along range
set_project_dirAttempt to set project directory within Rmd files
shiftShift a vector an arbitrary amount
sourceDirSource all files within a directory
stirlingStirling's approximation for factorials
ticStart timing
tocStop timing
wtf"Write Temp Function" will write a matrix / data.table /...
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