Man pages for gforge/Greg
Regression Helper Functions

addNonlinearityAdd a nonlinear function to the model
bread.olsGetting the bread for the vcovHC
caDescribeOptsA function for gathering all the description options
confint.olsA confint function for the ols
confint_robustThe confint function adapted for vcovHC
estfun.olsFix for the Extract Empirical Estimating Functions
forestplotCombineRegrObjCompares different scores in different regression objects.
forestplotRegrObjForest plot for multiple models
GetCoefAndCIGet the confidence intervals
getCrudeAndAdjustedModelDataThis function helps with printing regression models
getModelData4ForestplotGet model data
Greg-packageRegression Helper Functions
hatvalues.olsGet the hat matrix for the OLS
isFitFnFunctions for checking regression type
model.matrix.olsA fix for the model.matrix
plotHRPlot a spline in a Cox regression model
prCaAddRefAndStatAdd reference according to the model
prCaAddReferenceAdds a reference to value matrix
prCaAddUserReferencesAdds references
prCaGetImputationColsFunction for retrieving the imputation arguments
prCaGetRownameGets the labelled rowname if it exists
prCaGetVnStatsGets the variable stats
prCaPrepareCrudeAndAdjustedPrettify the text
prCaReorderReorder according to the requested variables
prCaReorderReferenceDescribeAdds the ordering, references, and descriptions
prCaSelectAndOrderVarsRe-order variables
prCaSetRownamesSets the rownames of the reordered_groups
prClearPCAclassRemoves the printCrudeAndAdjusted class from arguments
prConvertShowMissingA functuon for converting a useNA variable
prEnvModelCallRuns an 'fastDoCall()' within the environment of the model
prExtractOutcomeFromModelGet model outcome
prFindRownameMatchesLooks for unique rowname match without grep
prGetFpDataFromFitGets the confidence interval, p-values, coefficients from a...
prGetFpDataFromGlmFitGets the boundaries for a GLM fit that is poisson or...
prGetFpDataFromSurvivalFitGets the boundaries for a survival fit
prGetModelDataGet model data.frame
prGetModelVariablesGet the models variables
prGetStatisticsGet statistics according to the type
printCrudeAndAdjustedModelOutput crude and adjusted model data
prMapVariable2NameA function that tries to resolve what variable corresponds to...
prNlChooseDfChooses the degrees of freedom for the non-linearity
prPhConfIntPlotPlots the confidence intervals
prPhDensityPlotPlot a density on the datapoints
prPhEstimateGets the non-linear function's estimate
prPhNewDataA function for retrieving new_data argument for predict
prPhRugPlotPlot a rug on the datapoints
prPrintCAstringPrep for printing
robcov_altRobust covariance matrix based upon the 'sandwich'-package
SimpleRmsAnovaA simpler latex output of the latex.anova.rms
timeSplitterA function for splitting a time according to time periods
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