Man pages for gforge/comorbidities.icd10
Calculates Comorbidity Indices Based on ICD-9/10

ahrqProduces a comorbidity count based on the AHRQ comorbidity...
cmrbdt.calcThe main comorbidity calculator function
cmrbdt.finder.numericFinds the matching codes for the different comorbidity groups
cmrbdt.finder.regexFinds the matching codes for the different comorbidity groups
comorbidities.icd10-packageCategorizes ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 codes based on published...
deyoProduces a Charlson Score based on the Deyo ICD-9-CM...
elixhauserProduces an Elixhauser comorbidity count
hierarchyApplies the comorbidity hierarchy to the comorbidity groups
is.ICDCheck if icd code is valid after pre-processing
pr.ahrq.ICD9.5digitConverts an icd9 code to numeric format
pr.ahrq.listGets the core AHRQ list
pr.ahrq.pointsScore points for AHRQ
pr.ahrq.preprocess.v.codesConverts icd9 codes with V at the first letter into numeric...
pr.deyo.comorbiditiesScore points for Deyo Charlson's index
pr.deyo.ICD9.5digitConvert to 5 digit ICD-code
pr.elixhauser.ICD9.5digitConvert to 5 digit ICD-code
pr.elixhauser.points.30Score points for Elixhauser's comorbidity count
pr.elixhauser.process.v.codesConverts icd9 codes with V at the first letter into numeric...
preproc.code.splitterCode splitter
preproc.strip.dotDot stripper
preproc.Swedich.ICD9Translator from Swedish ICD-9 to regular ICD-9
pr.get.icd.verChecks if it is ICD-9 or ICD-10
pr.get.out.vectorA internal function for generating an output vector...
pr.regex.code.matchMatch codes with regular expressions
weight.Charlsons.orgScore points for Charlson's original comorbidity weights
weight.Charlsons.Quan2011Score points for Quan's updated weight for the Charlson index
weight.Elixhausers.VanWalraven2009Score points for van Walraven et al's weighting of the...
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