Man pages for gforge/forestplot
Advanced Forest Plot Using 'grid' Graphics

forestplotDraws a forest plot
forestplot-packagePackage description
fpColorsA function for the color elements used in forestplot()
fpDrawCIDraw standard confidence intervals
fpLegendA function for the legend used in forestplot()
fpTxtGpGet font settings for forestplot
getTicksTicks for plot axis
heightDetails.xaxisGets the height for an x-axis object
HRQoLRegression coefficients and confidence intervals from HRQoL...
prFpConvertMultidimArrayConverts a 2D or 3D array to mean, lower, upper
prFpDrawLegendDraw the forestplot legend
prFpDrawLineDraws a straight line
prFpDrawLinesDraws the horizontal lines
prFpFetchRowLabelGet the label
prFpFindWidestGrobFinds the widest grob in the current list of grobs
prFpGetConfintFnListGet a function list
prFpGetGraphTicksAndClipsA helper function to forestplot
prFpGetLabelsGets the forestplot labels
prFpGetLayoutVPGet the main foresplot
prFpGetLegendBoxPositionConverts legend position to a standard position
prFpGetLegendGrobsGets the forestplot legend grobs
prFpGetLinesPrepares the hrzl_lines for the plot
prFpPrepareLegendMarkerPrepares the legend marker function
prFpPrintLabelsPlots the labels
prFpPrintXaxisPlots the x-axis for forestplot
prFpValidateLabelListValidate the forestplot label list
prFpXrangeGets the x-axis range
prGetTextGrobCexJust a simple acces to the gp$cex parameter
prGparMergeMerges two 'gpar' elements
prGridPlotTitleAdds a title to the plot
prListRepAn alternativ to rep()
prPopulateListPopulate a list corresponding to matrix specs
prPushMarginViewportPushes viewport with margins
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